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Need New Tires? Look no further…


Finish Line Auto Repair sells tires and we have a full tire shop. Our tire machine and tire balancer are ready to mount and balance tires for your car, truck, van or SUV.  So what do we mean when we talk about mounting a tire?  Mounting is pretty self-explanatory – it’s simply the act of putting the tires onto the wheels, then installing the wheels onto your vehicle’s axles. Balancing is a bit more complicated. A wheel is said to be in balance when the center of gravity is identical to the axis of rotation – in other words, when the mass of the wheel and the tire is evenly distributed around the axle, so there’s no vibration when the tire spins.

At Finish Line Auto Repair we take great pride in offering our island customers new tires at mainland prices!   Stop on by and let us to a full tire examination for you and determine if, or when, you might need your next set of new tires.

We Keep Friday Harbor Rollin!